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Appointment fees


Initial Physiotherapy Consultation               £65.00 (allow 60 mins)

Follow-up Physiotherapy appointment        £48.00 (allow 30-40 mins )

Extended appointment                                   £65.00  (60 mins)

Virtual physiotherapy consultation £40 (includes comprehensive self-management plan and exercise videos)


Imaging and injection therapy

Diagnostic ultrasound scan                         £95.00 (allow 30 mins)

Ultrasound guided injection                        £175.00 (allow 40 mins)

Please note:  your suitability for an ultrasound scan will need to be discussed with either Dr Nigel Rayner or one of the Physiotherapists prior to the appointment



Sports Massage - Effective massage techniques including deep tissue massage and stretches to promote improvement in range of motion and help optimise performance, whatever your activity level. Pre-event, post-event, maintenance and injury recovery, massages are tailored to your needs and sport.
60min £45 / 90min £65

Deep Tissue Massage - After warming the superficial muscles, this firm massage works on the deeper muscles breaking down adhesions, releasing tension and improving the quality of the muscle. Very effective in relieving back, shoulder and neck pain and related headaches.
60min £45 / 90min £65

Remedial Massage - A postural and joint assessment, as necessary, followed by a range of massage techniques to rebalance the muscles which will help relieve joint ache and improve posture. Follow up exercises may be given.
60min £45 / 90min £65

Relaxing Massage – de-stress with a pampering, soothing massage. Choose from a selection of lightly scented ‘Songbird’ waxes from New Zealand, made from Beeswax and Natural vegetable oils that are gently effective, unique and altogether natural. 60 min £45 / 90 min £65