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Pascal Hagemeijer

Pascal Hagemeijer MCSP, BA Physiotherapy, MZBAUK, MBBA

Pascal qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2014 from the University Thim van der Laan International Academy of Physiotherapy, The Netherlands.

After graduation he spent time overseas where he has become a Zero Balancing practitioner, Buteyko Breathing teacher, A-Way Therapist and Massage Therapist which complements his practice and overall application of therapy.

Pascal has now been living in the UK for 3 years and has mainly been working for the NHS, two years as a Musculosckeletal Outpatient Physiotherapist in Redruth and 6 months on the Orthopaedic and Acute Medical Rehabilitation wards in Hayle and Truro. Alongside his work for the NHS as a Physiotherapist, Pascal is also a keen surfer and teaches surfing on the beaches of Cornwall during the summer holidays.

Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing (ZB) supports and mobilises your complete skeletal system. The specialised ZB touch and technique(s) help relieve deep tensions within your bones and joints. ZB is calming and engages the body at its core, leading to a direct experience of balance and inner peace.

Buteyko Breathing

Buteyko Breathing (BB) is a program to understand and improve your current way breathing. BB may also alleviate Asthma and Hyperventilation symptoms. The goal is to change a disturbed breathing pattern into a way that is healthier and more pleasant for you.

A-Way Therapy

A-Way Therapy (AT) is a holistic and inclusive approach to working on the Body, Mind, Energy and Spirit. AT helps you to live a healthier and happier life, using; Yoga, Yoga-Therapy, Qigong, Qigong-Therapy and Breathing Therapy.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy (MT) is a well-known way of relaxation. It is also useful for immediate relief of muscle ache and discomfort. MT uses flowing and kneading motions directly on the muscles of your body.

Pascal Hagemeijer