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Post-operative rehabilitation

Physiotherapy is often essential in post-operative rehabilitation to regain movement, strength and function. Surgical outcomes, particularly in the short term, are often significantly worse in those patients who do not have regular Physiotherapy after their operation.

A key feature of successful post-operative management is having realistic goals and expectations following any surgical procedure – our practitioner’s expertise can guide you through your rehabilitation so you know what you can do at each stage. This can be as simple as helping you progress from two walking sticks to one after a knee replacement or as complex as telling you when you are ready to sprint again after an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.

At Oliver Hughes Physiotherapy we routinely rehabilitate clients from the very early post-operative phase, often within days of the surgery, through to the end phases of the rehabilitation which may be months later. If you are an athlete it is vital that your rehabilitation programme is ‘sport specific’ – for example a swimmer has to rehabilitate in a very different way to a rugby player due to the demands of the sport. Our expertise in this field allows us to tailor a rehabilitation programme for you to ensure you recover your optimum performance as quickly, safely and effectively as possible.